Pet Policy



Pet Policy

Pet friendly rooms are available for your dog, but Restrictions do apply. Dogs are allowed in specific rooms, weight less than 30 lbs., with a maximum of 1 dog per room. However, the Management reserves the right to allow multiple dogs of any size and weight at their discretion. If you have any questions please contact the us at 541-582-1120 for additional information.

Any dog that creates a negative experience to any of our guest will have the owners of the dog notified, and possibly asked to have the dog removed. This includes Service Dogs. No refunds will be issued to dog owners that cannot control their animals. Dogs cannot be left alone in our rooms, and the guest is responsible all bedding, care and maintance of any dog brought on to the property. Dogs that are brought into our parking lot or any other common areas must be on a leash at all times.Under no circumstances may a guest wash or groom their dog in one of our rooms. Doing so may result in addional charges. The owner of any dog including Service Dogs is responsible for any and all damages. Housing a dog or Service Dog without declaring your dog to the Management may result in additional cleaning charges, and being asked to leave the property without refund.

Under no circumstances are birds, reptiles, rodents or any other animal allowed in our rooms at any time.


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